Wiring Diagram For Les Paul Guitar

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Step by step instructions to WIRE A LES PAUL (50S WIRING)

50s Les Paul Wiring

This guide depends on utilizing our Les Paul wiring pack (CTS pots, Switchcraft flip switch/jack, orange drop tops and twisted guitar wire) and covers the famous 50s Les Paul wiring. On the off chance that you are re-wiring your Les Paul, fabricating your own, or redesigning the gadgets on an imported duplicate then you will discover this guide valuable. wiring diagram for les paul guitar

There is a full wiring outline toward the finish of this article and we prescribe you study it before beginning. We will break this guide into four sections which you can explore to utilizing the catches beneath.

For 50s Les Paul wiring you will require;

  • 70w patching iron (in a perfect world one with customizable temperature control)
  • Tin/Lead patch (60/40) – in the event that you want to utilize “lead free” at that point utilize the lead free with included silver
  • Wire cutters
  • 4 x CTS 500k sound pots (long or short shaft contingent upon your guitar’s top thickness)
  • 1 x Switchcraft 3-way flip switch for Les Paul
  • 1 x Switchcraft 1/4” mono yield jack
  • 2 x 0.022uF capacitors
  • 5ft plaited Gibson style guitar wire
  • 1ft tinned copper wire
  • 10-15cm warmth psychologist tubing (3.5mm distance across)
  • 6” x 6” square of compressed wood, acrylic or cardboard to make a format (approx. 2-3mm thick)


  • As with any patching and wiring task, you will need to trifle with an opportunity to tin the hauls of the pots and the tips of the wires to be utilized. Pre-tinning the parts before get together makes a simpler and progressively strong electrical and mechanical association.
  • Ideally you need a temperature controlled patching iron. Tin/lead patch softens at 183°C (lead free is higher at 217-223°C) so you need your iron to be anyplace somewhere in the range of 315°C and 375°C. Test it out on a couple of scrap parts and wire before beginning to figure out the progression of your gear and patch.
  • Keep your binding iron tip spotless and tinned. Use either a sodden warmth safe wipe or metal/steel wire shavings. A perfect and tinned tip is fundamental for the right warmth move into the joint you are making.


We will begin by wiring the underlying saddle that spaces inside the control cavity. When wiring a Les Paul (or any comparative model) it is much simpler to work outside of the guitar body. There isn’t a ton of room in there and you’ll be working with a hot binding iron – better to work in the open where you can perceive what you’re doing and dispose of the danger of consuming the completion of your guitar.

Stage ONE

Take the 6” x 6” bit of compressed wood or acrylic (cardboard will do, whatever makes a perfect layout and is tough enough) and follow the volume and tone controls throught the guitar body. Spot the format under the guitar and follow through. At that point drill the gaps to M10 to suit the bigger shaft width of CTS pots (9.52mm). The thought is to make within a Les Paul control cavity as precisely as could be expected under the circumstances.

Stage TWO

With the format total, amass the 4 pots according to the beneath photograph. You can likewise turn the pots inwards at a slight point. Note – our long shaft 500k pots accompany 2 hex nuts, a level washer and a serrated washer. The principal nut is utilized for stature modification inside the control hole. The serrated washer sits in the middle of this nut and within the pit (ie. the teeth dive into the wood verifying it and the pot set up – nobody prefers an unstable pot). The dress washer and the subsequent nut are utilized to fix the pot from the opposite side. (With the goal that request once more, nut, serrated washer, level washer, nut). wiring diagram for les paul guitar


Set out a ground wire interfacing each pot together. Utilizing the dark fabric wire gave or tinned copper, lay the ground running from the upper left pot (neck volume) clockwise until you arrive at the base left pot of the layout (connect volume) It shouldn’t be a constant wire. Truth be told it is significantly simpler to cut the ground wire gave into 3 – as long as each pot is associated. Either patch the ground wire to the back of each pot or to the edge of each pot. By putting it on the edge, you leave more space for establishing the flip switch and pickup leads on the volume pots which you will do later. It is prescribed that you take into consideration a smidgen of leeway in the wires in the event that you misjudged the elements of the layout contrasted with your control pit.

Stage FOUR

Next, ground the drags on each pot that won’t be utilized in the circuit. From a winged creatures eye perspective, these are the main hauls on every volume pot (drag 3), and the center carries on the tone pots (carry 2). You can either utilize a piece of ground wire bound between the haul and the back of the pot or on the other hand, twist the carry back onto the pot and patch. In the event that you choose to twist it back onto the pot, be cautious – in the event that you over do it on the bind, you hazard getting some inside the pot by means of the opening behind the center carry. Allude to the chart further down the page for reference.

Stage FIVE

Introducing the capacitors – to be a genuine 50s Les Paul you would require the period right paper in oil “honey bee” tops however because of their cost (frequently upwards of £80-£100 a set) innumerable guitarists, specialists and luthiers favor the orange drop or less expensive options at a small amount of the cost. In this arrangement the capacitors are associated between the center haul of the volume pot and the principal drag of the tone pots (base carries on our format).wiring diagram for les paul guitar

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