Remote Control Light Switch Circuit Diagram

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Remote Controlled Light Switch

Remote Controlled Light Switch is an application where a remote is utilized to kill ON or an AC Light. We utilized a straightforward remote and TSOP 1738 IR Receiver at the transmitter and collector side of the circuit. remote control light switch circuit diagram

Typically, we utilize remote controls to turn ON or OFF apparatuses like TV, DVD Player, Music System, and so on. However, in this venture, we have structured the circuit with the end goal that at whatever point a catch on the remote is squeezed, the AC Light will turn ON or OFF.

Alert: Be cautious while interfacing AC lines to Relay and Light. Avoid potential risk when interfacing AC Mains to hand-off.

It is a little circuit with basic equipment and insignificant development. The fundamental parts of the remote controlled light switch circuit are IC CD 4017 Decade Counter, TSOP 1738 Infrared collector, Relay Modules, smaller than expected remote and couple of other minor segments.

Segments Required

  • IC CD 4017 Decade Counter
  • TSOP 1738 Infrared Receiver
  • Mini Remote Control
  • 2N2222 NPN Transistor
  • BC558 PNP Transistor
  • 1 Kω Resistor (1/4 Watt) x 2
  • 10 Kω Resistor (1/4 Watt)
  • 1N4007 PN Junction Diode
  • 12V Relay
  • AC Light Bulb
  • Bulb Holder

Segment Description

IC CD4017: IC 4017 is a high voltage decade counter IC which produces 10 decoded yields for a positive change on the clock. It is a 16 stick IC accessible in double – in – line (DIP) bundle. More data about IC 4017 can be found here.

TSOP 1738: TSOP 1738 is a 38KHz Carrier Frequency Infrared Receiver, regularly utilized in Infrared correspondence. They are frequently utilized in TVs, Hi-Fi frameworks, DVD/CD Players and other remote control applications. More data about IR Transmitter and beneficiary can be found here.

Scaled down Remote Control: A little remote control is utilized to transmit Infrared sign. Any remote can be utilized for this reason as TSOP 1738 backings a wide scope of regulating procedures.

NOTE: There is no requirement for the remote and it is only a comfort. A straightforward IR LED with 38 KHz heartbeat can be utilized as a remote control.

Transfer Module: A 4 channel Relay Module is utilized in this undertaking so as to control the Light. A solitary channel hand-off board is adequate. Then again, the hand-off circuit can be worked according to the circuit chart.

Circuit Design of Remote Controlled Light Switch

The fundamental parts of the venture are IC CD4017 and TSOP 1738 IR Receiver. The yield of the IR Receiver is a decoded yield of the sign from Remote control.

This decoded yield is given to a PNP transistor at its base through a 1 Kω resistor. Likewise, a capacitor is associated between the yield of TSOP 1738 IR Receiver and ground so as to smooth the yield signal.

The yield of the transistor for example the Emitter is associated with the Clock contribution of the Decade Counter IC 4017. The Clock Inhibit or Enable Pin is associated with ground. The yield 2 of IC 4017 for example Q2 (Pin 4) is associated with Reset stick (Pin 15).

At long last, the yield 1 for example Q1 (Pin 3) is associated with the contribution of the transfer module. remote control light switch circuit diagram

NOTE: We have utilized a pre – developed Relay Board with every one of the segments like Transistor, Diode, resistor, and so on are as of now implanted on it.

Alert: Be cautious when associating AC Mains to the Relay Board.

Working of the Project

A basic application where a remote control is utilized to kill ON or an AC Light is structured in this undertaking. The working of the venture is quite straight forward and is clarified here.

At whatever point a catch is pushed on the remote control, it transmits adjusted Infrared Signals. At the point when this tweaked sign is distinguished by the IR Receiver TSOP 1738, it demodulates the sign and delivers a suitable yield.

The yield of the TSOP 1738 is LOW at whatever point it distinguishes and demodulates the Infrared sign. Since this yield is associated with the contribution of the PNP transistor (BC558), it is tuned ON at whatever point any catch is pushed on the remote control.

Thus, the clock stick of the IC 4017 Decade Counter gets a positive change. This makes the yield Q1 to go HIGH. Since Q1 of IC 4017 is associated with contribution of the hand-off board, the hand-off is enacted and turns ON the light (or some other burden associated with it).

Presently, when a catch is pushed on the remote control, the yield of the TSOP goes LOW by and by the PNP transistor is by and by turned ON. The Clock of the IC 4017 indeed gets a low to high progress. Presently, the yield Q2 will turn out to be HIGH.

Since, the yield Q2 is associated with the RESET stick of the IC 4017, the Decade Counter IC will be reset and the Output Q1 turns out to be LOW. Thus, the Light is killed.

On the off chance that any catch is squeezed indeed, this time, since the IC is reset in the past stage, the Output Q1 will go HIGH, turning ON the Light. The cycle proceeds and push to ON and push to OFF is accomplished.

Points of interest

  • Remote Control of Light (or any heap) is conceivable with this circuit.
  • By actualizing a comparative circuit with the assistance of a Microcontroller, numerous heaps can be controlled for example each catch can be alloted to kill ON or an alternate burden.
  • For Arduino based usage of a similar application visit:Arduino based home mechanization utilizing television remote/


  • Since there is no Microcontroller, the information from the decoded sign can’t be resolved. Furthermore, henceforth, there is currently approach to separate which catch is squeezed. Subsequently, the Light will be turned ON or OFF when any catch is squeezed.
  • For a similar reason, just a solitary burden can be controlled.
  • Since the correspondence is Infrared, it required line – of – locate correspondence and furthermore the range is constrained (little).remote control light switch circuit diagram
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