Poulan Riding Mower Deck Diagram

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Step by step instructions to Adjust Poulan Riding Lawnmower Decks

Poulan riding cutters, for example, the PO14542B, are worked for execution and accommodation. So as to keep up a sound grass, it is important to modify your lawnmower to the correct cutting stature. Poulan riding trimmer cutting statures are estimated starting from the earliest stage the sharp edge tip, which is housed in the cutting deck.To modify the edge tallness, you should alter the whole deck. The suggested deck tallness relies upon soil conditions, stature of grass and the sort of grass being cut. poulan riding mower deck diagram

  • Move the Poulan riding cutter to a level surface and turn the trimmer off.
  • Identify the cutting deck lift switch, which is a little switch on the correct side of the cutter. The cutting deck lift switch enables you to alter the tallness of the trimmer deck – and along these lines the cut grass length – in equivalent augmentations. The least setting is 1/2 inches and the most elevated setting is 4 inches.
  • Hold onto the switch and push down on the catch on top with your thumb. Force the switch toward the (back side) of the cutter to raise the deck stature. Drive the switch forward (front side) to bring down the deck tallness. Watch the stature change marker at the base of the switch for tallness settings.
  • Let go of the switch catch with your thumb to bolt the cutting deck stature set up.


  • Avoid cutting tall grass in one pass. Rather, set the edge tallness to 4 inches, make a pass, at that point bring down the deck on progressive goes until you arrive at the ideal grass stature.
  • A decent stature for most turfgrasses is 2½ to 3 creeps during the developing season and marginally shorter throughout the winter. Abstain from stopping grass as well, as this can make the dirt dry out and harm the grass.
  • Dull trimmer edges tear the grass and leave it open to dampness misfortune, sickness and dark colored battered tips. Hone the sharp edges a few times all through the developing season to keep up a sound grass.


  • Keep kids and pets out of the region while cutting.
  • Wear shut toed shoes and eye insurance when working a grass trimmer.

The most effective method to Replace a Mower Deck Belt for a Poulan 42-Inch Lawn Mower

The Poulan 42-inch garden tractor utilizes a pulley framework with a cutter deck belt to drive the cutting sharp edges or different connections. With customary use, the belt can end up frayed or break, bringing about poor cutting or complete disappointment of the sharp edges to turn. Supplanting the cutter deck belt doesn’t require any devices, yet it’s an intricate procedure that requires wellbeing precautionary measures to avoid wounds or harm to the trimmer framework. poulan riding mower deck diagram

  • Adjust the connection hold to the “Withdrew” position to stop the cutter sharp edges. Press the brake pedal completely and move the gearshift to “Unbiased.” Adjust the throttle to the “Quick” position. Turn the start key to the “Stop” position and expel it.
  • Lift the hood and detach the sparkle fitting wire on the motor to keep it from inadvertently beginning.
  • Move the connection lift switch forward to the most minimal position.
  • Remove the belt from the idler pulley on the trimmer deck. Work from the correct side of the cutter for simpler access.
  • Locate and evacuate the grasp spring and little retainer spring close to the focal point of the cutter deck. Expel these from the pulley jolt.
  • Locate the section that holds the counter influence bar set up at the back side of the trimmer deck. Evacuate the bigger retainer spring and slide off the neckline. Push the lodging aide out of the section and evacuate it.
  • Remove the retainer spring from the opposite side of the counter influence bar to detach it. Expel the counter influence bar.
  • Locate the retainer springs that hold the suspension arms set up on the front side of the trimmer deck. Evacuate these springs to disengage the suspension arms.
  • Remove the retainer springs from the front connections at the front of the trimmer deck to detach them.
  • Raise the connection lift switch to raise the trimmer deck totally.
  • Pull the trimmer deck out cautiously from underneath the tractor.
  • Install the new trimmer belt onto the pulley framework similarly it was evacuated. Guarantee that the belt rests in the depressions and aides on the pulleys.
  • Reinstall the trimmer deck following the procedure in an invert request.

Things You Will Need

  • Poulan 42-inch trimmer belt


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