Jeep Wrangler yj Steering Column Diagram

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Jeep Wrangler YJ to XJ Steering Column Swap

Will a XJ section jolt instead of a YJ segment? I have seen the inquiry show up on various Jeep discussions and frequently inaccurate data is displayed as certainty. The right answer is indeed, for the most part. This instructable is expected to clear up a portion of the inquiries with respect to supplanting your Jeep YJ Wrangler’s guiding section. As initially structured by AMC both YJ’s and XJ’s utilized a GM Saginaw controlling segment. They are a typical bombing point that can significantly influence the wellbeing and driveability of your vehicle. Substitutions cost hundreds and the chances of finding another Wrangler in the nearby junkyard are pretty much nothing. Regardless of whether you’re keen on adding a tilt section to your YJ, supplanting one that is worn past use, or for my situation supplanting one brutalized by a past proprietor who lost the key; utilizing a XJ guiding segment is a speedy and economical arrangement. jeep wrangler yj steering column diagram

To finish this activity you will require:

  • an essential attachment set with in any event a 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 3/8 and 1/2 attachments
  • a mallet
  • an edge processor with cut off haggle

Stage 1: Find a XJ (Cherokee) Steering Column

You are going to need to search for a previous Jeep Cherokee in the junkyard. Anything before 1995 ought to be without airbags, and anything preceding 1991 ought to have an AMC style (Chevy) key. Clearly it is desirable over get a segment and a coordinating key, yet we as a whole realize that these jeeps can be begun with practically any old Chrysler key. (I lucked out and the key from a Cherokee my folks totaled 10+ years prior fits immaculate). I won’t go into the particulars of expelling the controlling segment in light of the fact that is five jolts and four attachments. I pulled this segment myself in a junkyard in Phenix City, Alabama so it just cost me $50. I have been cautioned to get the XJ’s wiper module too, and will refresh this in the event that I see any contrast between the two.

Stage 2: Make Note of the Differences

In these photos the tan segment is from the YJ and the dim segment is from the XJ.

The distinctions I saw are:

  • My 1990 YJ had an AMC style key this later segment has a Chrysler key.
  • There is no key discharge on the XJ segment (It is associated with the shifter with a link yet we’ll return to this later).
  • The YJ segment does not mount with a spine welded to the base of the segment, yet is rather dashed around the segment in the vehicle.
  • The upper mounting section is unique so we should reuse the YJ section with slight alteration.
  • The general length of the segment is the equivalent with just things like the start switch and dimmer switch being moved marginally (about a large portion of an inch)

Stage 3: Cut of the XJ Column’s Flange

I utilized a slice off wheel to score a line around the spine simply over the weld and afterward after a couple of blows with a sledge whenever came ideal off. I then when over the rest of the weld and lip of the spine with a fold plate till there was a moderately smooth surface (this won’t be uncovered). A snappy layer of Rustoleum and you are finished adjusting the segment itself. jeep wrangler yj steering column diagram

Stage 4: Modify the Upper Mounting Bracket

Despite the fact that you will reuse your unique section you will at present need to make a slight change for the spaces in the section to agree with the openings in your dash (under 1/2 an inch). My answer was to utilize a sledge to loosen up the opened supplements that Jeep initially stuck set up. This will be sufficient change in accordance with jolt your segment immovably set up.

Stage 5: Remove the Key Lock Cable Bracket

In the event that you pulled your section from a programmed XJ you will have a section that once enabled a link to mount to your segment. This link associated the to the shifter and kept you from evacuating the key while the vehicle was in apparatus. Since we are working with manual move jeep and the section gets captured on the brake light switch it was important to expel it. A snappy turn of a 3/8 nut and the section has been evacuated. You are currently prepared to jolt your new section set up.

Stage 6: Reassembly

I have constantly despised this, however reassembly is the invert of dismantling. It truly is easy to such an extent that I don’t think it requires clarification, however in the event that experience difficulty simply remark here. From the junkyard to driving again I took a shot at this from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM and that incorporates a protracted break for lunch and angling. There is no motivation to anticipate that this should take in excess of an evening. Good karma and glad jeeping!jeep wrangler yj steering column diagram

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