How to Use Plumbers Putty on a Bathroom Sink Drain Parts Diagram

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The most effective method to Use Plumbers Putty on a Bathroom Sink Drain

Handyman’s putty is a delicate, flexible sealant that is figured for use in pipes applications. It is ordinarily utilized when introducing washroom sink depletes, and gives a watertight seal that can most recent quite a while. Handyman’s putty remains delicate for quite a while, making it simple to expel the channel and make revisions, if important. Utilizing handyman’s putty on a restroom sink channel is a straightforward errand that most property holders can achieve themselves. bathroom sink drain parts diagram

Mood killer the water supply at the valves underneath your washroom sink. On the other hand, turn it off at the primary shutoff valve. Put a container under the sink, situating it underneath the P-trap — the bended pipe associated with the rear end.

Relax the nuts at each part of the arrangement trap, utilizing a pipe wrench. Evacuate the P-trap. Give water and flotsam and jetsam inside the P-a chance to trap channel into the basin.

Release the nut interfacing the rear end to the channel, utilizing a pipe wrench or pincers. Evacuate the pipe.

Tap on the base of the spine from under the sink to release it from the channel, utilizing a wrench. On the other hand, on the off chance that you have a spring up get together, unscrew the get together from the sink strainer.

Relax the strainer nut at the base of the channel. Request that an associate hold two screwdrivers in the channel from above to prevent it from turning, if fundamental.

Haul out the old sink strainer or spine. Wipe around the channel opening with a moist fabric to evacuate remaining buildups and flotsam and jetsam. Allow the to sink dry.

Evacuate a bit of handyman’s putty from its holder and move it between your hands to mollify it. Structure the putty into a rope, 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch thick.

Press the putty rope around the underside of the rib. Press the channel get together into the right spot in the channel opening. Press around the spine to guarantee a watertight seal.

Scratch away overabundance putty around the sides of the rib, utilizing a putty blade.

Supplant the rear end and the P-trap. Fix all associations with a pipe wrench. bathroom sink drain parts diagram

Test the channel for holes by filling it with water. In the event that the channel spills, expel the channel and rehash the putty application.

Things You Will Need

  • Pipe wrench
  • Bucket
  • Putty blade
  • Cloth
  • Rags


You don’t need to trust that most handyman’s putty will dry before utilizing your sink, however check the name directions to be sure.

Handyman’s putty is accessible in water or oil-based details.


Water-based putty is expected for use on sink materials that oil equations may harm. Oil-based putties ought not be utilized on permeable sink materials, for example, stone, plastics or marble. Peruse the mark on your handyman’s putty before use to abstain from harming your sink.

Instructions to Remove a Bathroom Sink Stopper for Cleaning

One of the essentials of home possession is some fundamental information about pipes. By learning a couple of stunts about how the various procedures of pipes work, dissatisfactions can be reduced. In the event that a sink in your house is depleting too gradually, expelling and cleaning the plug can frequently fix the issue. What’s more, there’s no compelling reason to call a handyman to take care of business.

Expel things out from under the sink before beginning this undertaking. Lie on your back with your head toward the back of the sink bureau.

Spot the electric lamp in an edge of the bureau, confronting the base side of the sink so you can perceive what you are doing. Find the plunger bar descending from the back of the spigot.

Find the clasp that the plunger bar sneaks past to hold another pole that prompts the sink plug. This pole enters the drainpipe legitimately under the sink channel and before the “P” trap.

Find the nut on the sidewall of the drainpipe. Reach up with your hand to check whether you can evacuate it by hand. On the off chance that it doesn’t turn, use pincers to expel the nut. At that point return to the clasp and crush the closures together. This will enable you to drive the plunger pole out. This will free up the bar prompting the sink plug.

Expel the pole from the sink plug and put it in a safe spot. Move out from under the bureau, evacuate the sink plug and clean it. To supplant the plug, pursue the past strides backward request.bathroom sink drain parts diagram

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