How to Use And Change the Belt on a Troy Bilt Tiller Parts Diagram

Step by step instructions to Use a Troy Bilt Pony Tiller

The Troy Bilt Pony tiller is outfitted with forward turning tines and a power invert, making it so the tiller takes the necessary steps as opposed to you. It has an electric beginning and an uncommon optional grip for moving in tight spaces. Before utilizing your Troy Bilt Pony tiller in the nursery, work on becoming acclimated to its capacity and adaptability in a spot where it doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you commit a couple of errors. This article spreads highlights for an electric beginning Troy Bilt Pony tiller. troy bilt tiller parts diagram

  • Before each utilization, check the oil level and include oil if necessary, check the air cleaner and guarantee it is perfect, include fuel, guarantee the flash fitting wire is tight, and move the wheel apparatus switch to the “draw in” position.
  • Start the tiller by first moving the profundity controller switch for the tines as far down as it will go (this is the “travel” position), connect with the gag and turn the way to “start.” It might take a few endeavors to turn over a virus engine. Try not to wrench the engine for over 10 seconds during each endeavor. Let the engine to arrive at a full stop before difficult once more. After the engine turns over, withdraw the gag gradually and enable the engine time to heat up.
  • Move the tiller forward (guarantee the tines are in the “travel” position) by lifting the tines up off of the ground with the handlebars. Force the forward grasp switches up so they contact the handlebar and keep them in this situation as you stroll behind the tiller, controlling it with the handlebars. Drive it to the space you need to till. In tight spaces, utilize the moving grasp; push and hold it in to push ahead.
  • Till by setting the profundity controller switch to the ideal profundity you wish, increment the throttle, and let the tiller lay on the ground; manage it with the handlebars. As per the maker, the Troy Bilt Pony is so well-adjusted you need just utilize one hand to keep up a straight way.
  • Reverse the movement of the tiller by lifting the tines up off the ground with the handlebars, at that point hauling the moving grasp out. Hold it in the out position for whatever length of time that you have to back up the tiller. Relinquish it to come back to the transmission to unbiased.
  • Turn the tiller around by lifting the tines off of the ground and adjusting the heaviness of the tiller on the tires. Push the correct handlebar forward to turn left, and push the left handle bar forward to turn right.
  • Stop the movement of the haggles by relinquishing the forward grip. Turn off the way to mood killer the motor.

Things You Will Need

  • Paper towels to check the oil
  • Troy Bilt Pony administrator’s manual


  • To kick off something new, make the primary pass 1 to 2 inches down, at that point make a few additional passes, setting the profundity controller more profound each time, until you arrive at your ideal profundity.
  • Water the territory you need to till a couple of days before working to make it simpler to work.
  • When taking a shot at a slant, keep the tiller from moving by working all over the incline as opposed to side-to-side.


  • Read and pursue all alerts in the administrator’s manual.
  • When working on soak slants, ensure the oil level is filled to the full mark on the dipstick. The edge of the evaluation can make it hard for the motor to get enough oil to grease up inner parts. Check the motor oil level at regular intervals when taking a shot at an incline.

Step by step instructions to Change the Belt on a Troy Bilt Rototiller

Troy Bilt rototillers are extremely flexible yard machines intended to play out the troublesome assignment of working soil easily. Working soil makes a colossal measure of anxiety on the transmission segments of rototillers; this pressure has been built by Troy Bilt to be completely consumed by the drive belt, which the tiller administrator may supplant as required as a standard upkeep thing. Rototiller administrators can rapidly supplant a well used or extended drive belt therefore guaranteeing most extreme execution from their rototiller. troy bilt tiller parts diagram

Stage 1

Park the tiller on a hard level surface. Separate the sparkle fitting wire from the flash attachment to avert inadvertent beginning. Move the PTO drive switch to the unbiased position.

Stage 2

Bow adjacent to the tiller on the correct side, and make slack in the drive belt by coming to over the belt pulleys and squeezing in on the mid purpose of the drive belt with two fingers. With the belt still loosened, move the belt away from the lower pulley by driving it disheartened towards the course of the motor.

Stage 3

Push the belt much more distant upward to make progressively slack leeway in the belt. Cautiously raise the top portion of the belt moving around the upper belt pulley and the elastic belt turn around plate. Continue moving the belt towards the front of the belt turn around plate.

Stage 4

Move the PTO drive switch to the forward, or drive, position, which will expand the accessible leeway between the upper and lower belt pulleys. Lift and expel the whole belt out from between these two pulleys.

Stage 5

Squeeze the new substitution belt in the center, and slide one end in the middle of the two pulleys. Push the belt completely forward, and drive it down with the goal that it is circled over the base lower pulley. You may utilize a wooden ruler or other such article to enable you to drive the belt far enough down.

Stage 6

Move the top part of the belt up and totally over the elastic belt switch circle. Put the PTO drive switch in the impartial position towards you.

Stage 7

Spot the top portion of the new belt into the depression nearest to the motor on the top pulley, which speaks to the fast range position. Spot the base portion of the belt into the section nearest to the motor on the lower pulley, which additionally speaks to the fast range position. To make progressively slack for the new belt establishment, you may bolster the PTO drive switch with one hand while seating the belt.

Stage 8

Test the tiller’s activity for appropriate belt pressure. Imprint the belt substitution date in the proprietor’s manual for future reference.troy bilt tiller parts diagram

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