How to Clean a Car Carburetor Polaris Ranger 400 Diagram

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Step by step instructions to Adjust a Polaris Carburetor.

The carburetor on your Polaris ATV is accustomed to carry fuel into the motor. In the event that you are getting slows down or your motor won’t start, you have to alter the carburetor. Fly pins and an air change valve are appended to the carburetor. This valve will enable you to decrease or expand the wind stream to your motor. You should change this valve as indicated by your height. polaris ranger 400 carburetor diagram

Stage 1

Mood killer the motor and expel the start key. Trust that the ATV will cool. On the off chance that you don’t, you may consume your hands while altering the carburetor.

Stage 2

Find the gold sticks in favor of the motor. The fuel planes and the air valve are on the base of the motor. Open the proprietor’s manual and find the alteration graph.

Fix the fly pins with a screwdriver until they won’t go any more tightly. This adjusts them to zero. Allude to the change outline to perceive what number of turns the pins requirement for the correct alignment. Utilize the screwdriver to alter the screw reporting in real time valve equivalent to the stream pins.

Things you will require

  • Screwdriver
  • Polaris modification diagram

Step by step instructions to Clean a Car Carburetor

On the off chance that you have a more seasoned vehicle with a carburetor, you know its significance working easily constantly. It is the soul of the vehicle, providing the fuel-and-air blend that makes the core of the vehicle tick properly.The carburetor ought to be kept up and cleaned all the time to guarantee that it is working properly.The procedure of cleaning it – inside and out – is very straightforward and shouldn’t take you over 30 minutes or something like that! polaris ranger 400 carburetor diagram

Stage 1

With the motor off, evacuate your air channel lodging so the carburetor is available. Get your clothes together, alongside your splash oil and carburetor and stifle more clean. Likewise find the throttle control connected to the carb, which enables you to physically work and run the motor quicker while doing the cleaning.

Stage 2

Spot a few clothes around the base of the carburetor, on the grounds that the synthetics may hurt any adjacent painted surfaces, and the clothes will stop any spillover.

Stage 3

Put on your wellbeing goggles and splash the “outside” of the carb with your oil, or the carb and gag more clean. Make sure to splash the associations and connected moving parts, for example, the throttle territory linkage. Let the liquid set a minute or two and wipe up. On the off chance that you have a substantial development of slime and oils, clean with a little wire brush before the splash dries.

Stage 4

Before you begin the vehicle, splash a modest quantity of carb cleaner legitimately into the carb. At that point expel your clothes and any instruments from the motor zone and turn over the motor. Try not to splash the grease into the carb. Turn over the motor and utilize the throttle control, since you need to have the option to run the engine at a higher rpm while you shower in more carb cleaner liquid. This will help drive the cleaner through and will likewise abstain from slowing down out the motor. Splash in short spirts, run the motor quicker and after that back it off to typical inactive and respray once more. Do this a couple of times.

Give the vehicle a chance to keep running for a couple of minutes at ordinary inert. At that point mood killer motor and re introduce the air channel and lodging. Presently drive the vehicle for 10 to 15 minutes or until hot ,permitting the carb cleaner to totally go through the framework. Regardless of whether you don’t feel any expansion in execution, you can rest guaranteed that you are doing everything you can to think about and protect the carburetor. Now and again, if the carb was filthy with carbon developments, you will feel expanded power and spare fuel simultaneously.


  • You can include fuel added substances into the tank too, to help keep your fuel framework clean and carburetor streaming getting it done.
  • A customary cleaning of the carb at routine interims is recommended. The time between cleanings will rely upon your driving propensities, yet every 3,000 miles or with an oil change is a decent benchmark.
  • If the motor slows down out during cleaning, simply hold up a few minutes and restart.

Make certain to change your fuel channel all the time to help dispense with any trash from entering the carburetor.


  • Always wear your security goggles when showering the cleaners, particularly when the motor is on, as the drafts may kick up the synthetic concoctions at you.
  • Be certain to evacuate any free adornments, for example, armlets and pieces of jewelry, while working in the engine with the engine running. Continuously know about the area of moving parts like the belts and fan edge.
  • NEVER shower the ointment into the carb; just use it outwardly association regions for oil and cleaning.

Things you will require

  • Old clothes
  • Choke and carburetor cleaner (sold all things considered auto supply stores in a shower can with straw tip)
  • Lubricant shower cleaner (sold at car parts stores)
  • Safety goggles
  • Small wire brush (discretionary, to clean the outside if there is substantial slime development).polaris ranger 400 carburetor diagram
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