Delta Single Handle Shower Faucet Diagram

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Step by step instructions to Replace the Springs and Seals in a Delta Single Handle Shower Fixture

Delta spearheaded the ball-valve fixture, and Delta shower spigots frequently utilize that innovation or cartridges. The two kinds have springs and seals that wear out. The fix technique includes dismantling the valve and doesn’t change much from one kind to the next. The primary contrast is that cartridges will in general stall out inside the valve lodging, and removing a stuck cartridge can be problematic. When you have the valve dismantled, supplanting the springs and seals is uncomplicated. You needn’t bother with any uncommon devices to get the old ones out or to introduce the new ones. delta single handle shower faucet diagram

  • Turn off the water to the shower either by killing a the valve that controls the washroom or the fundamental water supply for the house. Open the shower spigot to enable water to deplete.
  • Unscrew the handle. In the event that it’s a switch style handle, you’ll locate a hex screw under the switch that you can expel with a hex wrench. On the off chance that it’s a ball handle, pry off the top with a level head screwdriver and unscrew the screw with a Phillips screwdriver. Force the handle off.
  • UUnscrew the cap holding the cartridge or ball valve set up with flexible pincers. When the cap is off, the ball valve will tumble off. In the event that it’s a cartridge, notwithstanding, you need to haul it out in the wake of expelling the sleeve that spreads it, which you ought to have the option to haul out with your fingers.
  • UGrip the cartridge stem with the pincers and dismantle pointedly to break the seal the elastic O-rings have made with the cartridge lodging. In the event that it won’t move, take a stab at pivoting it forward and backward. On the off chance that that doesn’t work, clasp locking forceps onto the stem and draw hard. In outrageous cases, you may require an all inclusive cartridge puller, accessible at tool shops.
  • ULook inside the valve lodging and find the seals in the water channel gaps. Pry them out with a level head screwdriver. Note how the springs and seals are appended to one another and associate the new springs and seals similarly. Guide the new ones into the channel openings with the screwdriver.
  • UCut worn O-rings from a cartridge with an utility blade. Put in new O-rings in the wake of covering them with handyman’s oil to make them slide all the more effectively and improve the seal they make.
  • UReassemble the fixture by switching the methodology for dismantling it.

Things You Will Need :

  • Hex wrench
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Adjustable pincers
  • Locking pincers
  • Universal cartridge puller
  • Utility blade
  • Plumber’s oil


In the event that you have hard water, it’s conceivable that mineral stores are restricting the cartridge. On the off chance that you presume this, shower the cartridge liberally with white vinegar and hold up medium-term. The vinegar will break down the stores.

Step by step instructions to Repair a Shower Faucet Ball Valve

The ball-valve fixture was presented by the Delta Faucet Company in 1960. The spigots work by a basic rule: a scored plastic ball turns over the water outlets and discharges water when one of the indents lines up with one of the outlets. Springs and elastic gaskets keep everything watertight. In the event that your shower spigot is releasing, it’s typically in light of the fact that at least one of these assistant parts is exhausted. delta single handle shower faucet diagram

  • Turn off the water to the shower. Go to the storm cellar and mood killer the devoted shutoff valve for the washroom. On the other hand, turn off the principle water valve for the house.
  • Remove the spigot handle. In the event that its round or octagonal, pry off the top, utilizing a flathead screwdriver. Unscrew the screw holding the handle to the spigot stem, utilizing a Phillips screwdriver. Then again, if the handle is a switch, unscrew the Allen screw under the switch with a 1/8-inch Allen wrench.
  • Cover the give spigot a cloth to secure its completion. Grasp the neckline that holds the ball get together spread, utilizing customizable forceps. Unscrew the neckline until it is free. At the point when the neckline is free, hold down the spread while you keep on unscrewing it to avoid the spring-stacked ball from flying out.
  • Lift the spread off gradually and expel the ball. Put your hand underneath it with the goal that you can get the springs in the event that they fall. Assess the ball. In the event that it’s broken, one of the scores is chipped or it is generally harmed, supplant it.
  • Take the springs out of the water-outlet gaps on the off chance that they haven’t dropped out as of now. Pry out the elastic gaskets inside the gaps. Supplant the gaskets and the springs. On the off chance that the pack contains a ball, supplant that also, if fundamental or wanted.
  • Push the gaskets into the outlet gap, utilizing a flathead screwdriver. Fit the springs inside them. Set the ball over the springs and drive it down while you screw on the neckline. Fix the neckline with customizable pincers. Screw on the handle.
  • Turn on the water and test the fixture. On the off chance that it spills, you may need to evacuate the ball again and straighten out the springs.

Things You Will Need :

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Allen wrench, 1/8-inch
  • Adjustable forceps
  • Rag


  • The fix technique is basically the equivalent for all ball-valve spigots.
  • You can buy fix units for ball-valve spigots on the web or at a home improvement or pipes store.
  • If mineral stores have gathered on the ball, they can meddle with water stream. You can evacuate them by splashing the ball medium-term in white vinegar.


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