Delta Kitchen Faucet Parts Diagram

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In the event that you are supplanting all or part of your kitchen spigot, recognizing what the majority of the kitchen fixtures parts are is a colossal assistance. And keeping in mind that some kitchen spigot parts might be genuinely plain as day, some of them might be somewhat harder to make sense of. delta kitchen faucet parts diagram


Gaskets (or O-rings) ensure that the fixture’s joints are watertight. Gaskets can either be elastic or metal.

Crests and Flanges

These are introduced behind or under your fixture so as to cover the opening for the pipe or valve.

Aerators and Adaptors

These kitchen fixture parts are appended to the genuine spigot so as to modify the progression of the water, making them all the more naturally stable.

Handles, Levers and Controls

These are utilized to kill the taps on and.

Fixture Stems

These are maybe the best known about all the kitchen fixture parts, and are typically joined straightforwardly to the sink. The water streams out of the finish of the fixture stem. delta kitchen faucet parts diagram


Washers are utilized to connect the aerator to the spigot stem.

Stem Screws

Stem screws, otherwise called bibb screws, connect the washers as far as possible of the fixture stem.

Step by step instructions to Replace a Tub Faucet Diverter Stem

A tub fixture diverter is a little fold behind your bath spigot handle that decides if water will stream out of the shower or out of the tub fixture. In a solitary handle spigot, you will probably need to push or destroy the shower fixture handle to redirect water. In a triple-handle tub spigot, the middle handle controls the diverter. Separate showers and tubs don’t have this component. Supplanting the tub spigot diverter includes getting to the pipes behind this shower fixture handle.

Stage 1 – Remove the Existing Cartridge

  • To begin with, plug the shower tub to avoid any shower parts from tumbling down the channel. You can do this by laying a towel over the channel. Next, evacuate the handle over the shower spigot stem. Expel its screw and draw the handle off. You should stop the water by killing the shut screws for both hot and cold. Last, expel the nut that holds the cartridge set up. You ought to do this with delicate pincers to abstain from stripping the delicate copper that normally is utilized in funneling. Utilizing the pincers, haul the cartridge out gradually.

Stage 2 – Remove the Faucet Diverter Stem

  • The diverter stem will be on the back of the cartridge. It is a little plastic fold. You will see a round nut holding the stem set up. Utilize your forceps to painstakingly expel the nut. In the event that the nut stalls out, be cautious. Use oil to relax the nut, and have a go at utilizing a wrench if the nut is stripped. On the off chance that you harm this framework, you should supplant the cartridge completely.

Stage 3 – Install a New Stem

  • Take the cartridge to your nearby tool shop to be sure your substitution stem will fit accurately. Since home improvement shops convey different stems, you will probably have no issue finding the proper new tub fixture diverter stem. The new stem should slide effectively onto a similar installation that held the bygone one. Fix the nut set up. You should work on fitting the new stem into the cartridge before putting the cartridge once more into the divider. On the off chance that you experience issues getting the new stem to slide into spot, think about utilizing a mellow ointment. Once more, be mindful so as not to harm the delicate metal of the apparatus.

Stage 4 – Reinstall Cartridge and Test

  • Reinstall the cartridge utilizing a similar strategy you used to expel it. You can utilize a modest quantity of handymen tape to cover the nut that holds the cartridge set up. This guarantees a solid seal even with a more established cartridge. Make sure to turn the screws for the hot and cold water shut off back to “on” before supplanting the handles. Once everything is back set up, test your work. Turn on both the hot and cold water. Guarantee the diverter works in the two kitchen faucet parts diagram
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